Sunday, February 16, 2014

Country Winter Olympics

     Our family has been enjoying watching the Winter Olympics this week in Sochi, Russia (you know, that place near Siberia where it has been 40 degrees warmer than the temperatures here, and they actually have to make the snow-- oh, the irony).  As I reflected on our rural life this frigid winter, I realized that a lot of our everyday tasks could be like Olympic sports! Here's the official list:

1.Ice Dancing-- that beautiful pirouette your car did just before landing in the ditch

2. Moguls-- your first attempt to get out of the driveway just after the snowplow went by.

3. Double Axle--  Both axles, locked and loaded.  Four-wheel drive: don't leave home without it!

4. Giant Slalom--  What others affectionately call your steep, winding driveway.

5. Speed "Gating"-- That mad dash in sub-zero temperatures from the warm truck to open the cattle gate, and then back again to close it.

6. Snow Boarding-- Having to spend the night because of a snow storm at your friend's house, a stranger's house, your church, school, barn, or pickup cab.

7. Bronze "Metal"-- a.k.a. rust

8. Silver "Metal"-- that last nickel in your pocket after paying your heating bill for last month.

9. Cold "Metal"-- They say your tongue will stick to it.....but, will it REALLY????

     What fun to watch our fellow Americans compete against the world. GO, Team USA!  We love hearing about the heroes from small town America, who became experts at doing what they love...............but you'll get that in a small town!