Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Redneck Swap and Shop

     I think it must be programmed into a man's DNA, or passed down from generation to generation.  I'm talking about the innate desire to trade something you have of value for something that you see someone else has that you need or want.  It reminds me of a man's mall.  We women go to a mall to shop, but men are constantly shopping everywhere they go.  "Hey, look at that guy's collection."  "I wonder where he found that..." and on and on.
     We here in redneck country thrive on the bartering system. I'm sure that is how the Dog-n-Gun got its start.  A bunch of guys trading their stuff back and forth, and one of them decides to organize it all and charge admission.  Pretty smart fella!
     Of course, we also have the General Store on the radio every day. Great entertainment if you need a laugh!  Someone in our county also started a facebook Swap-and-Shop page where you can trade, barter or buy anything from farm equipment, houses, babysitting services and of course, dogs and guns.  It's also a great place to announce events, pass along road conditions, or gossip about what's happening around town.
     This week I experienced the oldest form of the Swap-and-Shop that has been going on since the beginning of time.  I call it the Redneck Swap and Shop, just because of how it happened.
     My husband bought a red truck from his cousin.  We family members like to keep vehicles in the family ( and selling such items to each other is a great way to "borrow" money without having to pay it back!).  It is a nice cherry-red Chevy, the same make as several of our other trucks (yes, I said "several").  When he got it, it had a bright blue tailgate on it, most likely replaced at one point with the intention of painting it to match someday.  (By the way, we also have a gold truck the same model. My man joked about replacing the red hood and doors with the gold and naming the truck "Iron Truck"....)
    Several weeks ago our employee made an observation.  A friend of his has a blue truck, same make and model, that had a red tailgate. Ironic. So, last evening, my husband met a complete stranger and they traded tailgates.  Here's the before and after: (I guess it looks more like the "after and before"!!)

      At the end of the evening there were 2 happy guys who now have a complete pickup, all because of word-of-mouth and old fashioned neighborly kindness.  I had wanted to go along and take pictures of the exact transaction, hand shake and all,  but my husband didn't think that would be a good idea.
      It really is a great deal.  I'm sure there will be grins and mutual waves every time these 2 trucks meet on the road.  We made so much more than a great trade.  We met a new neighbor, made a new friend, and gained a great story all in one night...........but, you'll get that in a small town!