Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stolen Vehicles

     I just read a report this morning about the cities in America that have the most stolen cars. I checked the list.  No, my town isn't mentioned. What a relief.   It got me to thinking about the reasons why vehicles don't get stolen in small towns.  Here are a few thoughts:

1. No one wants a car with camouflage paint details, extra large mudding tires or a license plate that says "Bubba".

2. The nosy neighbors next door are ALWAYS watching!

3. The sheriff and his 3 deputies all know the names, dates of birth and favorite hideouts of everyone in the area.

4. The gun rack in the back is a good indication that the owner has his weapon under his pillow and won't hesitate to shoot on sight.

5.  The local gossips would see your vehicle being driven by someone else and would either call the cops or start a rumor about an affair.

6. The sheriffs office actually answers the phone and responds rather quickly to calls.

7. There is a large, very loud attack dog on at least every block who would bark out a warning at any stranger within a block's radius.

8. No one wants a vehicle with over 284,000 miles.

9. The thief would worry that the dried deer blood on the truck bed might make the cops suspicious if he were caught.

10. The jumble of wires and duct tape on the door handle prevents them from even trying.

11. The battery cables just within reach are also a great deterrent.

And finally, the best reason that cars are very seldom stolen in a small town?

12. Small town people believe in good ol' fashioned right and wrong; and they just choose to respect each other's property..............but you'll get that in a small town!

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