Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Morning Commute


     Morning commute, the above picture is most likely what comes to mind for most city dwellers.  A few weeks back I ran some errands early in the morning and wanted to share what a typical morning commute in our area involves.
As we headed out of town we encountered  a country traffic jam, better know as a cold grain truck that couldn't get up to speed up a slight incline.  Country traffic jams usually involve one or more farm vehicles holding up the general populace.  With several hills in the area, the line of aggravated drivers often gets quite long between passing zones.

     'Bet you don't see one of these warnings very often in the city.  And, sure enough, soon after we saw this sign, we encountered this:

Of course, we had to wait for a passing zone to get around him.  Is that "sharing" the road?  Maybe there should be sign that shows a car stating "Share the road."
 I love country roads.  Notice the hoof prints in the center of the road.
    I love old cars, too.  No doubt we will see this one someday in the Old Settler's Day parade.....or all souped up and entered in the demolition derby!
I've always admired this old stone grain bin. I'm glad no one has torn it down
 It has become somewhat of a fad for people to hang or paint a giant quilt block on their barn.  I'm not sure how it got started, but it is a neat reminder of the old fashioned way.
My fellow traveller for the morning.  She came along so we could legally drive in the commuter lane.
Her happy demeanor also makes the trip seem less like a chore........but you'll get that in a small town.

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