Monday, August 29, 2011

Breaking news.....

Yes, we had breaking news in the booming metropolis this morning.  It caused quite a stir amongst the populace. This poor old man must have been distracted and drove into our front ditch.  It was quite a big deal.  All high school traffic had to be directed around it.  I'm surprised that the ditches along the way didn't get filled with more drivers as the teens texted the news after they passed the site.
     Notice the little heads at the bottom of the picture. This was a major event at our house.  Just having an ambulance drive by causes the kids to run to the door, so having a policeman and tow truck in the front yard was cause for great excitement.  We took a break from school just for this special edition of Social Studies. 
     It was also a big deal in the community.  I'm sure it is the topic of discussion over coffee at the local cafe and among the beauties at the salon. They are probably all talking about who it was and which officer was there and who drove the tow truck. I know it will be a front page article in the paper this week.  I saw the photographer taking many pictures for her "scoop".  I'm anxious to see what the headline will be.  I'm sure the story will die out before the week is over, but for now, we have news!  But, you'll get that in a small town.....

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