Monday, August 15, 2011

The Homecoming Sheriff

     I collect typos from our local newspaper.  It is a bad habit of mine to critique all of the articles in the paper.  I have found many hilarious mistakes ( that I should have sent to Jay Leno for his "Small Town News").  I think my favorite of all times was back in 2005.  The local high school had just had their homecoming game and the big news of the week was who won the title of homecoming queen. If you lived in a small town, you would understand the importance of the homecoming game. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, goes to the game, or listens to it on the radio.  Every storefront and window is covered with signs saying "Go Indians", or "We are pulling for you guys".  Every player's number is painted to a red wooden football and attached to various electric poles throughout the town.  If you are privileged to have a player in your home, you stick a large sign in your front yard with his number on it to show your support. As the opposing team drives into town, they see signs addressed to them, touting the strength of the local team and how badly they will lose.  The day of the game, there is not a person who is not wearing the team color, and often has hair that color, too!!  So, the homecoming queen is always a big deal, too. It is quite a competition between the local beauties, and the local gossips are chattering about who will win the title.

So, the on the front page of the paper, the next week, in large print, they announced :
"Sheriff Crowned Homecoming Queen"
     I laughed for days about that one!  Of course, the young lady's name was Tiffany Sheriff.  Obviously, the local sheriff wasn't wearing the crown that year, but they surely could have found another way to title that, right? Just one of the many things that make a small town lovable!  The paper people wanted to shout the headline!  And so they did.  But, you'll get that in a small town...........

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