Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You know you live in a small town when.....

1. Instead of watching "Good Morning America", you head down to the local cafe for the morning news.

2. You actually know someone named "Bubba".

3. The "New Year's Baby" isn't born until about mid March.

4. You go to a yard sale and see some of the things you sold at your yard sale the year before.

5. You read the local sheriff's report to see who got "caught" this week, and could name 3 others that should have been.

6. Your kids cry when the neighbor's dog passes away.

7.  You rejoice when the other neighbor's dog passes away because you will be able to sleep now.

8. Your system of home security is affectionately known as "Rex" and "Ruger".

9. You have had your groceries carried to and loaded into your car.

10.  You have ever worn camouflage to a wedding, prom or funeral.

....but you'll get that in a small town

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