Thursday, October 6, 2011

Old Settler's Parade

     Our small town celebrates "Old Settler's Day" in late September.  It usually means a baby contest, little prince and princess contests, baking contests, car show, tractor show, dog show, and many of the other ways that we rural people like to play and show off in.  We also have our once a year parade. There is usually some kind of theme to help those who do the floats come up with an idea to work with.  I'll just give you the pictorial tour to give you some idea as to what goes on in a parade in a small town.
The parade always begins with the local veterans carrying the flags.  It is always an honor to be chosen to carry and to represent our town in this way. 
Next come the fire trucks. The firemen like to get their gear on and show off the bells and whistles, literally.
And, even though they may be old........
or once had some other purpose....
     you can be proud that you are a volunteer and help to keep the community safe!

Next come the princesses and queens. There are always several categories of these.

Including the "Watermelon Princess"!!?!?  Not sure what contest that was.

Who is this young man representing?

Why, the Moose Lodge, of course!

This year's theme was "My favorite Holiday", so there were many entries that were about Christmas and Thanksgiving.  We all like to represent our business or organization in a unique way, and a parade is an opportunity to do that!    But, you'll get that in a small town....
*More pictures to come!

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