Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Country Compassion


      Tragedy struck our small town this week.  A mother and her young children were headed out of town on a snowy morning and slid off the road down an embankment and struck a tree.  A three-year old boy was killed.  Our community is in mourning.  Even though many of us did not even know the family, mutual tears were shed for the family, the mother, the father, the brother. 
   A member of our close knit community has been taken away. Even in the everyday busyness, there is a somber curtain that hangs over the area.  I have heard many say that this is such a terrible time of the year to go through something like this, but any time of the year would be a terrible time to go through such a loss.
     I drove past the site of the crash today.  I could see the tire tracks and the spot where the car struck the tree.  I shed a few tears thinking of the young mother and what she must be going through. I prayed for the family and the days ahead in dealing with the loss of a young child. I thought of the rescue workers and the policemen and the images that they must be dealing with in this loss.
     I was reminded of the true compassion found in the small town way of life as our family discussed the loss yesterday.  An uncle went over to clear the snowy sidewalks in front of the home of the family that was in the car crash.  In a small town area, when you hear of a loss like this, you find what you can do to help in any way to make life easier for a time.  As he started on the walks, another man came around the corner with a shovel in his hand. Most likely no words were spoken, but they just worked there together, bearing the load of the snow and the grief.  As they worked, another man came down the lane, carrying a shovel and joined in. The news had spread like wildfire, and they needed a way to show their compassion.........but you'll get that in a small town.

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